Knowing that you can be unfit and unconditioned after the maternity cycle, classes are structured so that women of all fitness levels are catered for.

Stage 1 – Prepare your body while pregnant.

You will truly benefit from this class, making it easier to lose any unwanted weight afterwards. We combine light cardio work with yoga and pilates based exercises.

We use dumbbells, dynabands and stability balls in our prenatal classes. The exercises we use include bicep curls, squats and chest press. All exercises are pregnancy specific and designed to keep you strong and toned throughout your pregnancy.

Strengthen your legs, arms, upper and lower back to help with labour, and lifting and carrying car seats etc. We work on your core muscles and posture, making it easier to get strength back in your abdominals. These are 45 minute classes held weekday evenings.


Baby Body Fit is the only course in Ireland to provide you with a light, safe and effective cardio workout during your pregnancy. Combining this with strengthening exercises means that you get the best reults.

When you join Baby Body Fit’s “Prepare” classes, you will find that you :-

Feel better and stronger
Have more energy to do the normal day to day things
Have better flexibility and circulation
Have reduced feelings of water retention, stress, depression and additional weight gain
Have reduced chance of stretch marks, varicose veins, and abdominal separating
Have increased relaxation
Sleep better
Have stronger arms, legs, core and back
Have better posture
May experience an easier labour