Knowing that you can be unfit and unconditioned after the maternity cycle, classes are structured so that women of all fitness levels are catered for.

Stage 2 – Regain your body after giving birth.

An exercise class for new mothers who want to feel good again and get back into those pre-pregnancy jeans. We use a mix of interval and circuit training, brisk walking and light jogging, and body toning exercises to give you a fun, full body workout. Using dumbbells, dynabands and stability balls, we go through many exercises, such as shoulder press, ab curl, jumping jacks, squats and press ups.

The beauty of this is that you can bring your little one in their buggy, saving you getting a babysitter! These are 60 minute classes held weekday mornings. We now have all our classes in indoor venues.


Bringing your little one with you in their buggy means you don’t need to arrange a babysitter in the mornings, so you can still have your evenings free to yourself. It also means that you don’t miss out on precious time spent with your baby!

When you join Baby Body Fit’s “Regain” and “Maintain” classes, you will find that you :-

Improve your physical and mental wellbeing
Lose any unwanted weight
Improve your fitness levels
Restore your muscle strength
Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
Improve your chances of weight loss goals
Decrease the risk of stretch marks
Strengthen your abdominals and core
Improve your posture
Socialise with like minded mothers
Get out and about again
Receive healthy eating and weight loss tips
Save money on personal training and personal training
Choose from a range of locations and times throughout Dublin
Have fun
And become almost addicted to your workouts!!