No more crazy diets!!!

I spent a lot of my time listening to women talking about losing weight, eating healthily and trying to look good again – I hear all sorts of talk of diets. A lot of people embark on diets like, protein only, no carbs at all, eat nothing for 2 days – I’ve heard it all! It’s totally understandable, I think there’s no other time in your life when you are more determined to lose weight than after you have had a baby. There is something about having people say, wow, you look great, I can’t believe you’ve just had a baby!

But there is no need to put yourself and your body through a diet that you hate! It’s like torture. You won’t enjoy eating cabbage soup for 2 full days, or cutting out potatoes and sauces, and soon enough, you will cave in and then any weight you lost quickly will go back on just as fast! Why not try the old adage of “eat everything in moderation”?

Now I’m not saying you should do exactly as I do, or as I say, but the following healthy eating example seems to work for me, and most people who try it out. This is a 1,600 calorie “diet” plan, although it’s not a diet at all! You are eating every 2-3 hours, and you won’t be starving. Sticking to this type of healthy eating lifestyle, combined with a good exercise routine, is the best, healthiest and most fun way of losing weight and feeling fit!

As always, check with your GP first, and please eat more than 1,600 calories if you are breastfeeding!

Breakfast 300 calories

Pick 1 with tea/coffee or small glass of fresh juice
– 40g bowl of porridge – made with water, add small amount of milk after if you like
– 2 wheetabix
– 2 shredded wheat or 40g bowl
– 2 slices brown toast with a scraping of real butter
– 1 boiled/poached egg with 1 slice brown toast
Add some fruit and protein to this by having porridge, wheetabix or shredded wheat with any type of berries and 25g of unsalted nuts and seeds

Snack 150 calories

1 medium banana (120 cals) with
1 salted rice cake (30 cals)

Lunch 300 calories

Pick one of the following
– 2 slices brown bread sandwich
– Soup
– Salad

Put in your own ideas here also, but try to keep to the suggested calories. Avoid loads of mayonnaise or creamy dressings, and limit yourself to a small amount of cheese in sandwich. Load up on salad leaves in the sandwich, and this will keep you full for longer than a salad with no carbs

Snack 150 calories

1 medium apple (70 cals) with
15g almonds (80 cals)

Dinner 500 calories

Same principle as lunch applies. Have a balance of healthy carbs (CHO), protein and loads of veg.
Healthy carbs – 3-4 baby boiled potatoes
1 small baked potato
40g brown rice, pasta
40g quinoa, cous cous, beans, eg pulses
Protein – Steak
Chicken or turkey breast

Mixed beans, kidney, black eyed, pinto etc

Any vegetables, steamed is best, if not, boiled, stir fried or roasted, just don’t use too much olive oil.
Be aware of the CHO content of some veg, like sweet potato, parsnip, pumpkin and butternut squash.
Avoid creamy sauces. Try to use tomato based sauces, or lemon or lime dressings.
Don’t overload on olive oil and watch your salt content!

Snack 100 calories

Most of us like something sweet after dinner, but that doesn’t mean 5 biscuits with tea. Step away from the sugar, especially “low fat yoghurts”. Choose from one of the following –

Natural yoghurt with berries, or cinnamon, or vanilla essence, or 20g of nuts and seeds.

2 pieces of dark chocolate

Misc – milk for tea, coffee etc 100 calories

Try to stick to this 6 days of the week, and allow yourself an extra 200-400 calories on your treat day. I can’t stress enough the damage sugar does to your healthy eating plan! It is the devil, and you should stay away from it altogether if you can.

Have a read of our “What to actually eat for fat loss” blog post, and then look up food values in our “nutritional info chart” post. Good luck with your healthy, clean eating J Steph

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